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Soloist, composer and soulful bandleader, award-winning saxophonist Trey Daniels is an inspiration for his generation in jazz, funk, R&B and Hip Hop.


Coming from Atlanta, Daniels’ music blends his experience and his captivating energy, creating beautiful soundscapes across genres. As part of eight-time Grammy award winner Anita Baker’s Farewell World Tour, Daniels was featured at the Monaco Jazz Fest, North Sea Jazz Fest, Montreux Jazz Fest and more. In addition, His very first single, 86th St., was listed on the Smooth Jazz Billboard Charts in 2017.


In Daniels’ 2021 release, he draws on his influences from the likes of Stevie Wonder, H.E.R., Gerald Albright, Kenny Garrett and Miles Davis to embody vibrant and relentless creativity.


In the words of the lovely Anita Baker, “You already know what to do. That’s why you’re here. At the moment where you let go and just play, the stage is yours.”

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